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dark sonic sprite sheet

July 16th, 2009, 8:28 am

Average Rating: 5.00
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Author's Comments:

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User's Comments:

Reply abdie the hedgehog, July 16th, 2009, 8:30 am

still unfinished but preety cool

Reply true mercha, July 16th, 2009, 8:34 am

1. terrible shading, Fix it

2.idea, done better so many times its not even funny

3. the aura sucks, way too pland

4. crappy ankward poses, fucking terrible

yeah, redo it

Reply ForteTh, July 16th, 2009, 10:39 am

You know you lot should try giving constructive criticism, maybe then the new spriters might get better.

Reply Zmanwarrior, July 16th, 2009, 1:37 pm

Yeah. How do you expect someone to get better when acting like a prick to them?

Seriously. He was let in SO he could get better JL. At least Mercha's comment pointed out some fixable problems, rather than "This sucks, GTFO."

Reply RenTech, July 16th, 2009, 2:05 pm

You both seem to fail to see that JL has ALWAYS said that. ALWAYS, when a spriter isn't good. JL makes that obvious to them. Which when you think REALLY hard about it, works just as well if not better than being nice. When told you suck at something you are pushed to prove the one who told you this that you can do it. And that you CAN be good. :\

Rawr btw .3.

Reply Afroman17, July 16th, 2009, 2:18 pm

at RenTech what is this the military with a bunch of drill Sargent's...

Reply RenTech, July 16th, 2009, 2:21 pm

Yeeeeeees~ .3.

Reply RenTech, July 16th, 2009, 3:30 pm

Dammit Zman! Nao I cant delete comments anymoar. Get ride of the dipshittery above meh.

Reply StarMario777 & ChaosSonic777, July 16th, 2009, 4:56 pm

not bad at all, I like the stand. you should try and work on the aura, and couler all the aprites you ARE posting so it at least can be used. keep working on it, and it will turn out great.

Reply Zmanwarrior, July 16th, 2009, 5:52 pm

I'll take care of that.

Oh, and JL, I never said you didn't give any criticism. I'm telling you to stop saying "You suck, why are you here?" Nobody's going to want to join if you're a jackass to every noobish spriter. And don't give me that "They need to be pushed," crap. "Why are you here, Who let this guy in, and GTFO" isn't pushing them. At least not to make better sprites.

EDIT: The reason I've taken away your ability to delete comments is because SOMEONE was deleting comments that they didn't like, regardless of whether or not they were spam. There's no way to find out who it is, so until they come foreward only Noland an I have that privelage.

Reply Zmanwarrior, July 16th, 2009, 9:12 pm

Guilty? No. It's supposed to keep them from doing it again.

Noland and I have discussed it and we both agree that this is the best course of action. Not only does this prevent whoever's deleting comments now, but it also ensures that it won't happen again in the future. And honestly I couldn't care less about you want. I'm just keeping things in order.

Reply Afroman17, July 16th, 2009, 9:19 pm


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